A Hey Sis Thanksgiving Round Up

Did you know that the word "Friendsgiving" is in the Urban dictionary? Accurately defined as "the celebration of Thanksgiving dinner with your friends."  But I believe it should actually be defined as "the celebration invented by the blogging community for the use of advanced preparation and artfully photographed Thanksgiving recipes in order to better time them to post on your blog without feeling the need to cook your said Thanksgiving dishes more than once." In other words, it would be ideal for a food blog to have posted fantastic seasonal recipes for their adoring fans to add to their upcoming menus in time before, say Monday of Thanksgiving week.  But we are no ordinary blog here folks.  

So in lieu of new and inventive recipes for your thanksgiving feast, might we suggest a few ideas that have been featured on this blog before?  What? You already have your menu, agenda, shopping and precooking finished by now?  Well who says you can't have 14 different sides for a family of 8.  And are you sure you planned enough appetizers?  This is a day of feasting, you know.  What about breakfast?  You need some fuel to start you off on the right foot in the kitchen. Not hosting?  Well then you must need a hostess gift.  Everyone loves the guest that thinks outside the wine box.  If nothing else, please enjoy this feast for the eyes. And do come back to some of these next year, if you are the type to start planning your menu for next year, say, after this year's dessert course.



Cinnamon Apple Cornmeal Custard - Blogger confession, Emily and I joke that we don't actually ever try each other's recipes as the title of our blog might suggest (did we just lose all credibility?) So when we do we are really proud of ourselves.  This one I tried last weekend and I am kicking myself that I forgot it was in there when I heated a frozen waffle for breakfast. Breakfast perfection. You can make this one early and warm it up the morning of while you look over your "game day" itinerary while watching the parade.  



Mom's Pumpkin Soup - A fantastic make ahead recipe that only improves with time.  Warm up, serve in shot glasses.  Perfect tie-me-over that doesn't involve cheese and bread.  Although there is also nothing wrong with cheese and bread...


Butternut Squash Galette - Again, another great make ahead appetizer that you can bake the day before and reheat.  Cut into small bite size pieces.  Not too filling but oh so delicious.

Side Dishes


Kale Salad - The cold salads are so often overlooked on the Thanksgiving table. But that should be remedied because it means something that doesn't need any oven space.  And one that can be prepared a day or two before is even better.  If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, this would be easy to bring without hassling the host to use up some space for warming up a dish.  This salad was featured as a summer dish but kale and cranberries are still very seasonal and would go very well on the fall table as well. 


Beet and Sweet Potato Galette - Apparently I have a thing for galettes.  Well, this one is different and better as a side.  And this beet and sweet potato is a MUCH better show stopper than that one with the marshmallows on top.  (Does any one actually eat that?)

Hostess Gift


Cranberry Curd - What a lovely way to show your host you care with a treat they can nibble on all holiday season long.  Include a recipe card for the Pot de creme as well (with a link to our website, of course!) Throw in a nice loaf of bread for toast in the morning.  No one wants to cook the morning after Thanksgiving.

And from both of us here at Hey Sis Try This, I want to wish you and yours a fabulous day of Thanks. We both have much to be thankful for in our lives, and having food on our table and family and friends to share it with is high on our list of blessings.